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September 21st, 2018

Patterson-Kelley MACH® ‘n’ Roll Pool Heater

Make a Splash with our Swimming Pool Water Heater

MACH® ‘n’ Roll Pool Heater 300 – 1050 MBTU 

The MACH® ‘n’ Roll Pool Heater produces consistent pool water temperature for a wide array of aquatic facilities. The high efficiency MACH® boiler technology paired with pool heating capabilities is the perfect solution for all your swimming facility needs.


  • Size Range: 300 – 1050 MBTU
  • Uses lower approach temperatures which inhibits chloride deterioration and increases efficiencies
  • Pool water heating capacity up to 420,000 gallons with heating time at under 24 hours
  • Boiler and pool heat exchanger loops are separated extending the life of the boiler
  • High quality stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger
  • Produces water up to 140˚F in condensing mode for maximum efficiency and peak performance
  • Premium NURO® Touch Screen Control with NURO® Connect is standard
  • Single wall or double wall brazed plate heat exchanger
  • CPVC piping in lieu of copper piping to provide greater protection against chloride degradation
  • No domestic hot water pump
  • Not suitable for salt pools

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