P-K Thermific VELOX®

P-K Thermific VELOX®

Non-Condensing Boilers

Models: N750, N1000, N1500, N1700, N2000

Completely packaged, the P-K THERMIFIC VELOX® boiler requires only five connections in an easy installation, even on combustible floors.

When it comes to small size and big output, the P-K THERMIFIC VELOX® boiler is hard to beat – Even the largest model can be moved through a 30″ doorway!

Multiple units can be installed together in small areas to meet virtually any heating load, making it ideal for retrofitting. Its state-of-the-art vertical design, utilizing a radial-fired, fan-assisted burner and heat exchanger, is the key to efficient performance. This design enables it to operate at a CSA certified thermal efficiency of 85% as a Category I non-positive, non-condensing appliance

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NURO® Touch-Screen Control System

Turndown Energy Usage

All of our boilers are equipped with the most intuitive interface in the industry, the NURO® Touch-Screen Control. Designed to maximize efficiency, the NURO® Control System monitors and modulates the combustion and ignition of the boiler to maintain the desired outlet temperature.


  • Up to 85% Efficiency
  • Venting Category I
  • Completely Packaged Design
  • Compact Modular Design Allows Multiple Units to be Installed in Tandem
  • Vertical Burner/ Heat Exchanger Design
  • Unique Integral Finned Copper Water Tubes
  • High Heat Transfer Ratio
  • Lo-Hi-Lo Operating Controls on Some Models
  • Operates Quietly, Below OSHA Standards
  • CSA (AGA/CGA) Certified and ASME Approved


  • Highest achievable thermal efficiency level for non-condensing, gas-fired boiler
  • Does not produce highly corrosive condensate in either the heat exchanger or vent system when operated at recommended temperatures
  • Needs Only Five Connections to Install
  • Low Installation Costs
  • Low Operating Costs and Lower Fuel Bills
  • Low Maintenance
  • Compact to Clear 30″ Doorway
  • Sealed combustion design eliminates large air louvers and permits boiler installation in a negative pressure environment or adjacent to refrigerants
  • Optional hot water supply boilers constructed for domestic water use
  • Burner can be quickly and easily removed from the exchanger for cleaning or inspection
  • High heat transfer ratio and fast response to load requirements
  • Easy access, ideal for retrofits in inaccessible locations
  • 5 Year Warranty

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