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Our sales staff and network of authorized representatives are all knowledgeable experts, skilled in helping you make the right decisions. Use the map below to help you find your P-K Representative. To find a representative in a specific location please enter the zipcode above.

Hydronic Boilers - US Placeholder
Hydronic Boilers - US
Hydronic Boilers - Canada Placeholder
Hydronic Boilers - Canada
Hydronic Boilers - Puerto Rico Placeholder
Hydronic Boilers - Puerto Rico
Hydronic Boilers - South Korea Placeholder
Hydronic Boilers - South Korea
Water Heaters - US Placeholder
Water Heaters - US
Water Heater - Canada Placeholder
Water Heater - Canada
Water Heater - Puerto Rico Placeholder
Water Heater - Puerto Rico
Water Heater - South Korea Placeholder
Water Heater - South Korea

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