P-K MACH® ‘n’ Roll Condensing Indirect Water Heaters

Models: MnR300, MnR399, MnR 500, MnR750, MnR 1050
MnP300, MnP399, MnP 500, MnP750, MnP 1050

The P-K MACH ‘n Roll is a highly efficient gas-fired, condensing domestic hot water and comfort heat system designed to produce reliable hot water delivery without scale build-up.

The P-K MACH n’ Pool is an excellent option for heating your chlorine swimming pool.

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Hot water and building heat combined in a compact easy to maintain design.

The P-K MACH ‘n Roll system takes advantage of unused space underneath the boiler to create a package that deliver high-value in a smaller footprint than conventional fabricated systems. Designed with service in mind, the indirect heat exchanger is fully accessible from the front of the unit, making installation and service easy.

Big value in a tiny footprint

Ideally suited for commercial building applications such as schools, office buildings, apartments, hotels and offices, this efficient water-to-water heating system is manufactured from the highest quality materials combining a robust aluminum alloy heat exchanger above with an indirect stainless steel heat exchanger below. Both zones were individually engineered using different alloys that when used together deliver higher efficiency and industry leading reliability.

Easier to maintain

Designed with service in mind, the indirect heat exchanger section is mounted on a pull out tray, making it fully accessible from the front of the boiler. Inspect, clean or repair the water side without having to “tear the boiler apart”. For full access, isolate the boiler and domestic lines, remove couplings and unions, take off the front access panel and slide out the heat exchanger.

Easier to install

The P-K MACH ‘n’ Roll system needs only five connections to get it running. Each unit is delivered with the boiler loop ready to go and only requires connections to a Domestic Water Supply, Return to Storage Tank, Electrical, Gas, and Venting (Polypropylene, Stainless Steel or CPVC).

NURO® Touch-Screen Control System

Turndown energy usage

MACH ‘n’ Roll domestic hot water and comfort heat systems are equipped with the most intuitive interface in the industry, the NURO® Touch-Screen Control. Designed to maximize efficiency, the NURO Control System monitors and modulates the combustion and ignition of the boiler to maintain the desired outlet temperature.


  • 300-1050 MBTU
  • Recover rates for domestic hot water at 60°F ΔT — 18-66 GPM
  • Domestic water loop is isolated from the boiler loop
  • Precise temperature regulation with no mixing valve required
  • High-quality stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger
  • Comes standard with the NURO® Touch Screen Control with remote monitoring via the NURO Connect app
  • Optional tank skid package available for the MnR 750 and MnR 1050


  • Uses lower approach temperatures to produce domestic hot water, which inhibits scale formation and increases efficiency
  • Produces domestic water up to 140°F and still operates the boiler in the condensing mode, where peak efficiency performance can be achieved
  • Ideal for retrofitting old buildings or new construction

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