P-K MODU-FIRE® Forced Draft Non-Condensing Boilers

Models: N750, N1000, N1500, N2000, N2500, N3000

The P-K MODU-FIRE® Forced Draft boiler is a full modulation design that changes both fuel and air at a constant ratio, matching boiler output to the actual heat demand.

With a constant fuel to air ratio, and smooth 5:1 turndown that can track varying loads down to 20% of rated capacity, efficient and clean combustion can be achieved across the entire firing range of the boiler.

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NURO® Touch-Screen Control System

Turndown energy usage

All of our boilers are equipped with the most intuitive interface in the industry, the NURO® Touch-Screen Control. Designed to maximize efficiency, the NURO® Control System monitors and modulates the combustion and ignition of the boiler to maintain the desired outlet temperature.


  • Up to 88% efficiency
  • Venting Category II or IV
  • Small, Modular Configuration
  • Big Output
  • Changes both fuel and air at a constant ratio to match boiler output to actual heat demand
  • Smooth 5:1 Turndown can track varying loads down to 20% of rated capacity
  • Dynamic Air Density Compensation
  • Eliminates short cycling in high variable speed pumping systems
  • The first boiler of its kind to offer system-oriented intelligence
  • Accurate firing rate feedback – analog output signal proportional to firing rate
  • Small Diameter Category IV Venting
  • Easy Service Construction
  • Factory-Authorized Start-Up
  • Zero Clearance


  • Simplified, low cost installation
  • Clean, efficient combustion across entire firing range of the boiler
  • Maximum small load efficiencies
  • Captures up to $0.85 of every fuel dollar as comfort heat
  • Perfect part-load performer
  • Easy to inspect and maintain; can be disassembled and reassembled in minutes
  • Fire tested before shipment
  • 5-Year Warranty

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