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March 12th, 2018

Patterson-Kelley receives patents for NURO® boiler control system

East Stroudsburg, PA, March 12th, 2018 – The Patterson-Kelley NURO® touchscreen control system has received intellectual and design patents, 3 years after its release to the market. To date, over 1700 boilers and hot water supply boilers have been sold with the now patented software driven smart control. The NURO®‘s smart technology not only applies to its control with remote monitoring capabilities, but also to its swivel-hinge technology. During maintenance, the NURO® rotates 180° so technicians can view the control’s screen while servicing the boiler.

Because of the popularity of the NURO® Control System, Patterson-Kelley now offers NURO® Conversion Kits. The Conversion Kits allow individuals to upgrade P-K MACH® boilers in the field to take advantage of the NURO®‘s feature-rich platform.

We are extremely proud and grateful to the entire team at Patterson-Kelley who transformed an idea into a patented technology.

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