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May 3rd, 2019

American Airlines Training & Conference Center’s New Boiler Room Calls for Patterson-Kelley


The American Airlines Training & Conference Center is a meeting venue and hotel, located in Fort Worth, TX. The building offers 299 rooms and 75,000 square feet of meeting space. It provides space for group activities and outdoor team-building exercises. The conference center has three restaurants and 75 conference rooms. Its convenient location makes it a popular destination for meet-ups in the Dallas – Fort Worth metro area.

With multiple floors and four separate wings, the facility hosts a multitude of travelers, and it requires consistent and efficient heating.


A new mid-campus building was being constructed with limited space available for boilers.

A modular plant with an accommodating footprint was desired, along with smart controls that would facilitate maximized system efficiency. The design called for a “variable primary/variable secondary” piping system with varying flow boiler pumps in each boiler, to maintain a stable delta T throughout the firing range. The project also required full remote communication with the heating system.

“P-K SONIC® commercial boilers are CSA certified at 97% efficiency, with actual thermal efficiencies up to 99%.”

Patterson-Kelley Solution

Four P-K SONIC® SC4000 boilers were installed in the new boiler room. Each unit features the patented NURO® Touch Screen Control System and provides high efficiency, small footprint and remote communication with the system. These features were required by the facility managers to help maintain the effective operation of the system.

“Modular boiler plant design minimized investment in redundant equipment and provided an attractive overall system turndown while maintaining high efficiencies,” said Eric Johnson, CEO at Hydrotemp, LLC.

The P-K SONIC® condensing stainless-steel boiler is perfect for both, retrofit projects and new installations. In most cases, there is no rigging required to place a P-K SONIC® in any room of a building. The unit fits through a standard 36-inch doorway and standard elevator.

Equipped with DUET™ technology, it is the industry’s first heat exchanger comprised of two unique chambers built to optimize the turndown process. The innovative zones were engineered separately using different composite stainless materials. This design allows the P-K SONIC® to operate at 97% efficiency with ultra-low emissions.

Whether set up as a standalone boiler in a commercial space or as a hot water supply boiler to meet domestic hot water demand, this 97% AHRI Certified unit saves precious floor space in mechanical rooms while providing a maximum return on your investment.

Download the complete American Airlines Training & Conference Center Case Study.

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