Hybrid Systems

EvoHP Calculator

Download Patterson-Kelley’s heat pump calculator by clicking the link the below. This calculator allows the user to determine what equipment and what sizing is needed for their building application. Using established data from other sites and your BTU needs, you can calculate average hourly cost, monthly cost, sizing needed to optimally apply the application to your building’s needs, and more.

EvoHP Calculator Download

Hybrid Systems Presentation

Download our presentation on the hybrid systems by clicking below. The presentation covers how and why a hybrid system being implemented into current building applications or new, can be beneficial. Perfect for a visual representation of the advantages of choosing a hybrid system by Patterson-Kelley.

Hybrid System Presentation Download


Piping Diagram Guide

Patterson-Kelley’s EvoHP Piping Diagram Guide is an essential tool for understanding how the EvoHP and traditional boilers can work together through the application of the building. Whether in the planning stages or exploring to see how a hybrid system could be applied to your building, this guide will assist in potential layouts of the system and the best practices for incorporation. Click below to download.

EvoHP Piping Diagram Download


Hybrid Systems Blog

Our blog series has always covered product application, as well as best commercial practices in the market as PK aims to provide educational content that is not walled of from people seeking knowledge in the industry. The hybrid systems blog, “Embracing Efficiency” is a look into how hybrid systems are not only beneficial to building applications, but cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly options. If you are looking for a quick read that provides a breakdown of the how and why of hybrid systems, click below to visit our blog.

Embracing Efficiency Blog


EvoHP Product Page

For more information on Patterson-Kelley’s new heat pump to the market, the P-K EvoHP, click below! Stand-alone application as well as a hybrid solution are available with our new heat pump. For any documentation and literature, please visit the EvoHP product page to download anything and to learn about this new unit. Keep your eye out for all of our new Emerging Technology!

P-K EvoHP Product Page

Click below to learn more about the P-K EvoHP.