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October 31st, 2018

The Patterson-Kelley Compact Water Heater Proves to Stand the Test of Time at the VA Medical Center


The Lake City VA Medical Center (VAMC) is a veterans’ health facility located in Florida. The facility consists of two medical centers, three multi-specialty clinics, and eight community-based primary care clinics. It provides an extended range of services including primary care, specialty care, and long-term care, and has become a great team player in the community, offering training to residents, interns, and students of the University of Florida.

The medical center relies highly on the availability of domestic hot water to continue to provide excellent health care service to the community.


The facility administration struggled with the existing water heating equipment. The steam-water heating system was at the end of its useful life cycle and failing regularly. Associated equipment, including condensate systems, were also performing inconsistently and required immediate replacement. The management team at the Lake City VAMC had a need for a custom steam heating solution that satisfied their hot water load requirement.

Patterson-Kelley Solution

Patterson-Kelley became the preferred manufacturer for the project, primarily because of its great reputation to produce high-quality products with ease of equipment maintenance.

“The VA had a couple of P-K boilers already and really like the way they performed and how easy they were to maintain,” said Ron Lowe, Project Manager, at W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor.

The reliability of their local Patterson-Kelley representation also played a major role in decision making. Stephen Lebel, a P-K Sales Representative at Florida Hydronics, worked closely with the engineering firm to specify the P-K Compact® as the best equipment for replacement.

“The VAMC already owned 2 P-K Compact® units from 1986, which had proven to stand the test of time and were still performing great,” said Stephen.

The P-K Compact® is a semi-instantaneous water heater that provides large hot water output at controlled temperatures. The installation of 17 P-K Compact® units was completed by W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor and meets the stringent domestic water heating demand of the Lake City VAMC. The installation has provided the facility’s administration with a well-documented system of updated equipment that provides consistent temperature and water volume. Now, they have the peace of mind that their heating equipment performance is effective and efficient.

Download the complete Lake City VA Medical Center Case Study.

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