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June 8th, 2021

Saint Andrew Life Center Gets an Update to their Water Heaters After Seven Decades of Use


Located twenty-five minutes outside of Chicago, in Niles, Illinois, is the Saint Andrew Life Center and Senior Living facility. Stretching across 10 acres, Saint Andrew aims to provide its 55 senior residents an expansive experience.

On September 27th, 1949, Patterson-Kelley shipped two state-of-the-art Type “B” Patterson Water Heaters to the Saint Andrew Life Center. For over 70 years, Patterson-Kelley’s proven heating solutions have provided this facility with constant and efficient water heat.


Original 1949 Water Heater Nameplate

After seven decades of continual use, the site wanted to refurbish the heat exchanger, restoring it to optimal performance. This proved difficult in that the design of the 1949 water heater was now obsolete. It was crucial to return this Type B heater to maximum efficiency by matching the function of its original components, but also upholding Patterson-Kelley’s strict modern standards.

Patterson-Kelley Solution

After seeing that, in 2004, the other 1949 P-K water heater had both its bundle and billet replaced, it was decided that this was the best option for this heater as well. As a result of meticulous record-keeping by the Patterson-Kelley team, they quickly located the 2004 replacement information and were able to precisely match the dimensions of the previous heating bundle while updating it to meet our current operational efficiency standards. The result was a brand new bundle totaling 152” inches in length.

Billet Drawings from 1949 and 2020


While this replacement is still fairly new, the new billet is thriving under the strict conditions that Saint Andrew Life Center and Senior Living require.
The new 1-1/4” Copper Tubing Steam Bundle and billet are now working properly, and both water heaters are heating more efficiently than ever before. Thanks to P-K’s engineered aftermarket solutions, this replacement will keep the hot water flowing through the Saint Andrew facility for many more decades to come.

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