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June 28th, 2018

The Winston Road Business Center Increased Energy Savings by 90%


Knoxville, TN – The owners of the Winston Road Business Center in Knoxville, Tennessee had the goal to reduce energy consumption within their building.  At the time, they owned an atmospheric type boiler and struggled with a tremendous gas bill which peaked at $68,242 in 2006.  This was due primarily to two factors: first, the system used an antiquated control strategy and second, the system used an inefficient boiler that would always maintain an elevated 180°F loop temperature year round.  In 2008, significant improvements were made to the building’s control strategy which produced an immediate and significant reduction in the natural gas consumption.

The building owners benefited from these savings until the latter half of 2009 when the reduction in operating temperature actually destroyed their existing atmospheric boiler.

The Patterson-Kelley Solution

In November of 2009, a Patterson-Kelley representative installed a P-K MACH® C1050 condensing boiler to maintain the lower system temperature. This approach further reduced the natural gas bill to an all-time low of $7,277 in 2010. This holistic approach to the heating system involved improving the controls and replacing the boiler equipment, which resulted in unbelievable savings of 90% when compared to their all-time high bill in 2006 of $68,242.

Download the complete Winston Road Business Center Case Study.

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