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March 29th, 2019

First Shipments of the MACH® with 10:1 Mechanical Turndown Begin Today

East Stroudsburg, PA – Exciting news for those of you who can’t wait to install the MACH® aluminum commercial boiler with 10:1 mechanical turndown capabilities in your customer’s facility. First shipments of the MACH® sporting the new technology begin today!

Patterson-Kelley would like to recognize our ‘MACH® with 10:1 Mechanical Turndown Team’ for working diligently to develop and implement this new technology advancement. The team includes Abdel Shidfar, Amanda Snyder, Jerry Spott, Dave Counterman, Joe LaBar, Alex Planer, Steve Moyer, Chris Ellingwood, Joshua Gaston, and Austin Seese.

The MACH® condensing boiler with 10:1 mechanical turndown capabilities are now available for natural gas models C750, C900, and C1050, and it is perfect for a variety of applications, including new construction and retrofit projects. Patterson-Kelley’s 10:1 mechanical turndown technology provides the flexibility to match input to building loads without adding excess air which is known to reduce the dewpoint of the flue gas and adversely affect efficiency.

For more information regarding the MACH® with 10:1 mechanical turndown, download the MACH® with 10:1 Mechanical Turndown Bundle by visit http://info.harscopk.com/mach-with-101turndown.

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