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March 6th, 2019

North Kingstown High School in Rhode Island Reduces Energy Cost with the P-K HiDRA™ 1000

North Kingstown High School in Rhode Island upgraded their hot water heating system before the beginning of the 2018 school year. The units replaced were two P-K THERMIFIC® D1500 water heaters that had reached 18 years of useful life. While the units were still functioning, the need for more efficient P-K models became a priority because of the need to reduce energy cost. At the time, Patterson-Kelley had just released its first instantaneous fire-tube condensing water heater,

the P-K HiDRA™. The recent release, along with the influence of the local Patterson-Kelley Representative, Kirschner Associates, Inc, encouraged the decision for the new system set-up, which included 2new HiDRA™ 1000 units. The HiDRA™ is equipped with the patented NURO® Touch-Screen Control System, which allows for easy troubleshooting and system monitoring. The P-K HiDRA™’s recirculating pump continuously mixes for consistent hot water output, while holding 128 gallons of water and maintaining high efficiency.

The installation needed to be completed by the start of the school year and due to P-K’s shipping

turnaround, the units were delivered and installed within the projected project completion time frame. The retrofit project also faced the challenge of space constraint, which needed to be addressed prior to placement. The original set up included ten P-K THERMIFIC® water heaters that had been installed in banks of 5. The two THERMIFIC® D1500 water heaters being replaced were much smaller than the two P-K HiDRA™ 1000 units. This required an adjustment of the existing boiler venting system. Despite the obstacles, the upgrade was completed as planned.

The P-K HiDRA™ provides an instant source of domestic hot water at up to 99% efficiency, at partial load. Typical savings from a mid-efficiency system to a condensing high efficiency system is in the 24-26% reduction in energy usage. This provides a payback on the new equipment. The cost of natural gas is beyond our control but reducing gas consumption is something that can be controlled. Congratulations to North Kingstown in reducing energy consumption and reducing their carbon footprint.

The upgrade was completed by Kirschner Associates, Inc, the local Patterson-Kelley representative.

For more information regarding this installation, please contact Kirschner Associates, Inc.

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