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April 9th, 2019

Patterson-Kelley Builds 50+ Year Old Tube Bundles


East Stroudsburg, PA – The Patterson-Kelley Application Engineering Team has been recognized by HARSCO’s Sr. Vice President & Group President, Scott Gerson, for excellent customer satisfaction.

“P-K received an inquiry from a customer location in York Haven, Pennsylvania to replace a pair of unique heat exchangers made by P-K in the winter of 1963-1964. These tube bundles were originally produced for commissioning of the second power generation unit at Brunner Island Coal Power Plant for Pennsylvania Power & Light Company, brought online in 1965.  The customer had limited information on the request, but fortunately P-K retains a long history of records on all specialty products produced, dating back to the early 1900’s.

The applications team searched the P-K Archives (Paper Drawings/Prints) for information to determine if it was feasible to produce these replacement tube bundles.  All drawings and Bills of Material had to be recreated to provide a quote to ensure all components could be made to current P-K standards.  A purchase order for 2 replacement heat exchangers was received in January of 2018 with a 20-week timeline to complete.  This Team diligently tracked the project and provided Engineering Support to Manufacturing every step of the way.

Each of these tube bundles consisted of 2.5 miles of special copper tubing requiring diligence to install and verify all items were in alignment with the drawings.  The tube bundles were delivered in April 2018, meeting the requested due date.  Once the units were delivered to the facility, a P-K associate arrived one site to document and assist with any needs the construction team had in the installation of the packages.”

Patterson-Kelley would like to recognize Tom Kraemer, Valentina Niles, and Patrick Villaume for their commitment to our community and organization.

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