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August 1st, 2018

Patterson-Kelley Celebrates Fifth Straight Injury-Free Year

The years keep piling up!  Patterson-Kelley recently held a BBQ lunch to celebrate five years without a recordable injury.  This feat can only occur when every employee actively contributes to a culture of caution. Employees watch out for each other’s safety so that everyone can return home to their families.

Harsco Industrial President Scott Gerson congratulated P-K employees on their exceptional safety performance. “It goes without saying that safety is paramount to everything we do and stand for at Harsco,” he wrote. “It also goes without saying that safety is not something we can dictate from the top, but an area of the business that only succeeds when each and every person within an organization has the internal drive to always do the job right, never taking short cuts, and always watch out for their fellow employee’s safety as well as their own.”

In addition to employee safety, employee care is also a priority at Patterson-Kelley.  Over the past year, multiple site upgrades have been completed.  New parking lots have been installed, and existing lots have been repaved.  The employee entrance has been updated, and new windows and HVAC units have been installed.  Additionally, multiple conference rooms have been updated and include the latest technology, allowing employees to hold productive meetings.  These upgrades all help contribute to Patterson-Kelley’s continued success.

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