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March 12th, 2019

Patterson-Kelley Achieves 100% Success Rate in the AHRI Performance Certification Program

Patterson-Kelley is excited to announce the recent accolade of a Performance Award from AHRI. From 2015 to 2017, P-K has consistently achieved a 100% success rate in the industry’s commercial boiler Performance Certification Program. The AHRI Certification Program spans over multiple facets of HVACR equipment, with each certification pertaining to a specific aspect of the industry. The program tests commercial boilers independently and verifies both, thermal and combustion efficiency. This ensures that the performance of Patterson-Kelley boilers is in line with industry standards.

While accuracy is something that the P-K team takes seriously, we can be held accountable by a third party with this certification. This is not only important for our team and the products we make, but also for our customers. It promotes trust and provides value through a more common and rigid standard. AHRI makes sure that P-K boilers are up to a dynamic caliber of dealing with energy consumption, accuracy, and performance values.

Performing to the standards of AHRI allows P-K to maintain an above-average and transparent quality. Additionally, this helps ensure that all P-K boilers are performing at optimal ranges, without sacrificing energy efficiency. The P-K team is proud to have achieved this milestone and plans to continue to live up to these high standards.

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