June 21st, 2017

MACH Condensing-Indirect Water Heating


Limited pressure vessel life expectancy due to scale-up and high pressure vessel replacement costs mean that owners of condensing water heating equipment lose an unacceptably high percentage of their fuel savings through re-build and other maintenance costs. This has lead a number of our customers to ask if there isn’t another way to achieve condensing efficiencies in high volume domestic water heating systems. This white paper responds to these inquiries by introducing the concept of CI (condensing-indirect) water heating in which all wear-and-tear is taken by a low cost, throw-away, plate-and-frame heat exchanger. This approach means that a customer can purchase an entirely new configuration for roughly the same cost as a pressure vessel replacement on his existing hardware, and can avoid up to 90% of future re-build costs while still achieving ultrahigh fuel efficiency.

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