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December 12th, 2022

Baylor Scott and White All Saints Hospital Gets Tube Replacement Nearly Forty Years Later


Located 45 minutes outside of Dallas, in Fort Worth, Texas, is the Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center. Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Hospital Center is a full-service hospital dedicated to providing quality healthcare to its community. Just recently, Baylor Scott & White Medical Center celebrated over 100 years of service and is now fiercely on its way to 200 years of service.

On September 22nd, 2022, Patterson-Kelley was tasked with finding a new tube replacement for an existing storage water heater at the Baylor Scott & White hospital that was installed over 40 years ago!


After nearly 4 decades of consistent use, the site required a new tube replacement for a widely outdated storage water heater. This proved to be difficult as considering that parts and components in the heating industry have evolved so vastly over the years and our team was dealing with an older model that needed a more modern solution. Luckily, Patterson-Kelley has been providing optimal heating solutions for over a century and was able to find a way resolve this issue while meeting our modernized and industry-tested heating standards. (See Tube Replacement Diagram Below)

Patterson-Kelley Solution:

The original installation for this Patterson-Kelley storage water heater was in 1983. Baylor had a Model 10-42 Type “L” Storage Water Heater 72” X 120” installed by the Patterson-Kelley team. The biggest issue with this new installation 39 years later was finding the proper measurements for the tube replacement that could maneuver the newly spaced out area that now differed from the original layout. The Patterson-Kelley team was able to calculate appropriately for the new floor layout and find the proper tube replacement that could fit correctly in the current mechanical room.


The tube replacement used for the 10-42 Type “L” Storage Water Heater is the Tube Bundle HB000001340 (See image below) in an 1872 Gallon Tank. Now that the new Tube Bundle is installed in the 10-42 Type “L” Storage Water Heater 72” X 120”, Baylor All Saints Hospital now has a restored and efficient storage water heater once again!

With the new Tube Bundle HB000001340 installed, the water heater is now performing better than ever and will keep water hot water flowing through Baylor Scott & White Hospital for many more years to come. The Patterson-Kelley engineering team once again show reliability, efficiency, and innovation with the most optimal aftermarket solutions in the HVAC industry!

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