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February 21st, 2023

University of Hawaii Bio Medical Science Building Gets An Upgrade from Patterson-Kelley Solution



The University of Hawaii is a public land-grant research university located in the residential neighborhood of Mānoa, a neighborhood of the city of Honolulu. With 10 different campuses across the Hawaiian islands, The University of Hawaii requires a lot of heating solutions that Patterson-Kelley can provide seamlessly. PK is no stranger to assisting the educational commercial landscape with the proper heating solutions to provide comfort and efficiency. Let’s dive deeper into the most recent Patterson-Kelley solution happening at The University of Hawaii and the story behind it!

When the managing personnel of the university realized the need for a new heat exchanger, California contractor Heat Technology Products (HTP) was contracted to complete the project. HTP collaborated with Patterson-Kelley and their local representative to obtain & install a replacement tube bundle!



The difficult part of this installation and process was obtaining the proper and accurate information regarding the requried tube bundle. In 1995, Patterson-Kelley replaced the sister water heater’s tube bundle. In order to efficiently make changes to the sibling heater, Patterson-Kelley first needed to update the original drawings from 1995. Pulling the information from the PK archives and making the proper edits to the sketches was paramount to this solutions success.


P-K Solution: 

After having done one tube replacements for the Bio Medical Science Building already in 1995, PK had the advantage of having a drawing concept completed for the original tube replacement.

The solution to this heating issue was simple, update the outdated drawings using the original as an instruction and then replace the tube bundle in the efficiently. Patterson-Kelley was able to provide a Tube Bundle HB00000278 for the heater after reviewing all options according to the 1995 drawings.



Now with both water heaters being serviced in the last 20 years, The University of Hawaii will have their Bio Medical Science Building running at the Patterson-Kelley optimal efficiency. Comfortability will not be an issue at this university with the newly installed tube bundles for the brother and sister Type “L” Water Heaters!


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